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Kate Churchwell is Unique Kr8ivity

Born and educated in the UK, I moved with my husband and young family to France in 2006.  With a derelict property to renovate, a field to tame, a new language to learn and children to bring up, `The good life’ was full-on and hectic!

With young children to entertain, Grandmas and Aunts to please, we always took great pleasure is making personalised gifts. As a family, (dog included) we made our first hand/paw impressions on the freshly laid concrete that is now beneath our lounge floor.  We then did the same in clay and poured plaster in to create duplicates of our hands,  and much to our amusement, my husband and I then went on to do our faces.    As the children grew up, and wanted to `play with mum’  less and less,  I still felt the need and desire to be creative.  With more time on my hands, it felt only natural to continue and to combine it with something else that I love…. The Garden.

I have always been in awe of nature, of how powerful, rewarding and beautiful it can be.  Over many years, a botanical study of each plant as they were placed, moved, removed and replaced in the garden revealed a love for the underdog, a respect for every plant on an equal level.  A weed after all, is merely a plant in the wrong place!

Working from my studio at home, using materials grown in my garden and the surrounding area of beautiful rural Bretagne, I create botanical art.

Bas Relief Wall Art Using an ancient technique, fresh flowers and foliage, I create intricately detailed bas relief plaques that are not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly tactile.  Each piece gives a true sense and feeling of nature in 3D.  Whether it be a single flower or leaf, or a field of wild flowers, every piece evokes a feeling of restfulness, calm and tranquillity and in many cases creates a special memory. Capturing a moment in time!

Cyanotype Prints

Using the Victorian method of cyanotype, the glorious French countryside and natural sunlight, these totally unique botanical prints were handmade by me in my garden and workshop in rural Bretagne. Every element of the print, depends on the position and strength of the sun, the wind and the clouds, the mix of chemicals and the length of development. No two designs can ever be the same!

Why UNIQUE KR8IVITY? (A play on words)

It has to be almost 20 years since I sent my first text on a mobile phone and signed it ‘K8’,  (I still remember who it was to!).  Since that very day, everything I have ever created has been signed with that initial and it has now become my trademark.  Wanting a name for my business that reflected the essence of what I did and incorporated my name I came up with Unique Kr8ivity.

KATE CHURCHWELL (K8)Botanical Artist

Commissions, Visits & Workshops

Contact Kate on 06 71 02 77 17 or by email: Uniquekr8ivity@gmail.com

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